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RE: Compiling Playstation2 cross compiler.

This sounds suspiciously similar to problems I remember having in the past
with some compilers but not others.  The two ideas that I would suggest for
you are 1) make sure you have the latest Cygwin release and 2) play around
with text vs. binary mounts.  For reasons I don't recall, I decided to just
mount everything in text mode a long time ago.  I haven't had CRLF problems
since then.  Others on the list recommend mounting your file systems in
binary mode for similar reasons.


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> []On Behalf Of David Ryan
> Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 4:25 AM
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> Subject: Compiling Playstation2 cross compiler.
> Hi,
> I'm attempting to compile a Playstation2 (mips r5900) cross compiler which
> is based on gnu-gcc under cygwin.  I am currently having a
> problem with what
> seems to be related to CrLf problems.  The cc1.exe of the new compiler is
> failing to treat \\ \n (backslash followed by new lines) correctly for
> #define's.  It keeps reporting the error "stray '\' in program"
> where the \
> should be.  Removing the '\' and placing the complete define on one line
> seems to fix it, however, I'd prefer to fix the problem at the source.
> I've tried downloading the source for gcc from cygwin to see if I
> could see
> any major differences between source files but so far I've seen none.  I
> assume cygwin modified the compiler to look for these cases at some stage?
> How/Where was it done then?  The cross compiler has version 2.9-ee-991111b
> if thats any help.
> The assembler and linker have compiled and seem to be functioning
> correctly.
> The tar.gz file is available at and is called
> gnu-ee-binutils-gcc-1.1.tar.gz on the download page.
> Its curently stopping at compiling libgcc2.c.  To get this far I have
> downloaded gettext and compiled and used its libintl.a file.  I've also
> modified rtl.c to check for '\r' in the functions read_skip_spaces and
> read_name.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
> Thanks,
> David.
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