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Re: glib for cygwin

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Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 10:56 PM
Subject: glib for cygwin

> Hi, all,
> I have tried to compile glib and so far have not been successful.
Jong B. Lee
> claimed he was be able to compile glib-1.2.8 with modification
g_strsignal() to
> const gchar* g_strsignal(), and const char* strsignal().  But I still
got error,
> especially in gthread_posix.c, even with the newest beta version.
> Wilson pointed me to mailing list,  I
> searched there (I was unable to post question over there since my
membership has
> yet to be approved) and did not find satisfactory answer.
> My question is:  Does Cygwin support glib/gtk yet.  Anyone has glib
tar ball
> which can be compiled?

I believe Jong does.

> If cygwin is a truly unix like api, other gnu code should be compiled
> cygwin without (major?) modification, right?

Yes. Note that Unix is a very large platform. Not all unixes support all
features - thats why glib has 3 or 4 different module sub-libraries. and
multiple different threads libraries. So being able to compile gnu code
with little modification does not mean you can compile all code at all.

> I am pretty new to cygwin.  I only used cygnus (unix like shell )
couple years
> ago (1997?).  So my question may seems like stupid.
> Thanks
> CS

I've been able to compile glib 1.2.8 for over 8 months. I had serious
problems with module support, which IIRC Jong claimed to have solved.

Jong gave out this link for a download of
his patched glib. - with working modules.

Thread support was broken (compile with --enable-threads=none) but I
have it working here. I'm currently tidying up some code with
pthread_key's before I submit a new patch to cygwin. I have glib here
with working threads (but no modules as I haven't looked into Jong's
patch :]).

It's very important to use the cygwin pthreads, not win32 threads, if
your application uses fork(). _DO NOT_ try glib compiled with cygwin
with threads=win32.


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