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Re: Running Unix Shell script from NT

At 02:16 PM 4/11/2001, SS wrote:

>I have Cygwin on Win-NT.
>I have some unix shell scripts written in CYGWIN
>environment. How do I run the shell script directly
>from the NT command line(dos prompt), without
>opening cygwin?
>e.g., Script name = abcd
>        Directory under Cygwin   : /home/admin 
>        Directory wrt NT         : c:\cygwin\home\admin
>If I open cmd & "cd c:\cygwin\home\admin" & try to
>run "abcd" there, it does not recognize the script. 
>How can I achieve this?
>  Replace "abcd" with "sh abcd" or "bash abcd".
>  -------------------------
>   NOPE, DOES NOT WORK !! Tried sh abcd, bash abcd,
>../abcd, nothing works !
>   ---------------------

Make sure sh or bash is in your path or otherwise specify the full path to
sh or bash.  This *will* work so long as sh or bash can be found.

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