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Re: Problem with cygwin 1.1.8 under NT 4.0

On Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 04:25:39PM +0200, Markus Walther wrote:
>My problem occurs with Cygwin DLL 1.1.8-2 and make 3.79.1-3 under Windows
>NT 4.0. There are two problems. When I have the following statement in the
>CC = C:/localWIN/ARM251/arm/bin/armcc
>the make process stops with the error message:
>C:/localWIN/ARM251/bin/armcc -IC:\Daten\Source\project\software/source/include -c -
>processor ARM7TDMI -g+ -gt -dwarf2 -O1   -o ut_foo.o ut_foo.c
>4NT: Unknown command "C:"
>make: *** [ut_foo.o] Error 2

Apparently you have set "MAKE_MODE=win32" or are specifying make --win32.
C:/localWIN/ARM251/arm/bin/armcc is not a path that 4NT recognizes, so
it tries to run as much as it does recognize which is c:.  If you change
the / to \, 4NT may have more luck.

>There is no problem when I define the CC variable in the following way:
>CC= armcc

Not surprising.  4NT finds the command in the PATH in this case.

>The more serious problem occurs whenever I try to access a file from within
>a makefile which is not specified with an absolut path. Instead of looking
>in the current directory the (or is it make?) is looking in a
>completly different directory. It is looking in the directory in which the
> was started.

I can't duplicate this.  Do you have a small makefile and associated
programs that duplicates this behavior?  If you provide the makefile,
one or two test files and the exact layout of your directories, I'll
look into this.

Also, please send the output of 'cygcheck -r -s -v'.  Send this all
to the cygwin mailng list, not to me personally.


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