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Re: no cron in cygwin?

>>>>> "Greg" == Greg Matheson <> writes:

    Greg> I wanted to upload files to an NT server on which I have installed
    Greg> cywin, by running an expect script on it as a cron job, but I see
    Greg> there is no cron in cygwin.

    Greg> What is my next step?

    Greg> 1. Look into installing cron myself? This is the option that I would
    Greg> give me the result I would like most, but there must be a reason that
    Greg> the cygwin crew hasn't incorporated a cron yet. For example, it must
    Greg> be a daemon or something.

    Greg> 2. Look around for an NT equivalent? This is the option I want to
    Greg> explore least. I don't want to learn more about NT than I have to.

If you're unable to find a cygwin-native solution for this (I've tried), an
easy-to-use (and free) Windows scheduler is available from
<>.  You just set the "Program" as the path to the
"bash.exe" executable, and the "Params" starts with "--login <yourbashtask>".
It gives you pretty good flexibility in scheduling jobs.

David M. Karr          ; Best Consulting   ; Java/Unix/XML/C++/X ; BrainBench CJ12P (#12004)

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