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Setup and offline folders

I use the setup utility to download the latest packages into a network share
(\\computer\...\offical\) on my office network. Me and my colleagues updates
our distribution from this location using "install from local directory".

I use a laptop computer (W2K) to update this share. The computer is not
always connected to the network (from where we only have 64Kb bandwidth to
Internet). To make sure the share is available even from my home network
(which has a better bandwidth), I use the "Offline Folders" feature of W2K,
which is synchronized when I connect to office network. The problem is:

The setup utility says something with " too short (0, wanted X) after
each file that is downloaded,. when my computer is working in "offline"
mode. Everything work fine when my computer is connected to the office
network, where the share is located.

The setup creates a ".tmp" file (inside the target directory) while
downloading. Its size remains zero during the whole download progress. Is
that correct? Shouldn't the size be increased while downloading? Or doesn't
the system report back the truth of what's happening whith "offline" files?

/Gunnar Norling
 Senior Software Developer
 Lokomo Systems AB
 Svärdvägen 27
 182 33 Danderyd
  ---------------  ---------------

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