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Re: help for installing cygwin on Windows ME needed

Thanks for all your help. My cygwin is up and running.
Now I can proceed from here.


--- DJ Delorie <> wrote:
> > Target Platform : Windows ME (problem ?)
> > Executable version :cygwin-1.1.8-1.tar.gz after
> > untarring and gziping (i use powerarchivers
> extracter)
> Please use Cygwin's setup program
> (
> There are registry entries and desktop shortcuts to
> set up also.
> > Effect : If I execute any of the executables in
> the
> > cygwin directory under bin I see a black shell
> opening
> > and then gets killed. I cant makeout anything from
> > this.
> Cygwin programs don't work that way.  Open a shell
> window, *then* run
> the programs from the command line.
> > Side Questions:   which is the main executable. i
> > tried running cygpath.exe cygcheck.exe
> If you run setup, there's a "cygwin" icon on the
> desktop to click on.

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