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autoconf & alternate libraries


I find myself in a situation where I try to autoconf a package
with proper support for Cygwin.
In the current non-autoconf situation, the package compiles under
Cygwin using a special W32 version of the makefile, which sets an
explicit path to an alternate pthreads library, because the default
one in cygwin was found lacking in some details.
I would like to avoid having to specify explicit library paths
on the gcc command line, using all sorts of platform-specific hacks
in my, so I was hoping there is some standard procedure
to configure things so that gcc will automatically find the alternate
pthreads library as appropriate.  That way, I could just provide
appropriate instructions to configure cygwin (how to install the
pthreads library) and forget about the issue in my autoconf setup.
I tried to find some info on this issue on the Redhat cygwin web
site, but I didn't find anything that helped.
Since I don't have a Windows system, I have no way to test/check any
of this myself, so I'm really in the dark.
Pointers appreciated.  Thanks.

     Willem Konynenberg <>
I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas
that could provoke such a question  --  Charles Babbage

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