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Cygwin DLL

I am still downloading the GCC 3.0 sources.

Earlier I reported that Cygwin builds. It does.
However, until I upgrade in a few monthes, I am still building on a P166
I'm hoping to do three things later on this summer.
1) upgrade to a Pentium 4 with Windows 2000 or ME
2) get DSL
3) Set up a network.
Until that time, I will be using Windows 98, a 56k baud modem, and the
Cygwin distribution.
On my network, It will be a family based situation. My family's friends and
extended family will be using my main server, which will also serve as my
music site, my programming enviroment, and my distribution site.
I've not yet bought a domain name. Will do that later on. Either that, or
restrict usage of computer back to ftp and WWW.
Right now, I am practicing compiling different programs.
There we go. GCC 3.0 just finished downloading from the CVS repository.
Now, I have to reset CVSROOT to point to the cygnus site.
BTW it took me eight hours to compile GCC 3.0.
Is there a faster way? Do I need to --enable-haifa?

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