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Re: Cross compiler for Linux?

Hi Guys,

I didn't get a response to this email. Does that mean that no-one is 
presently cross compiling Linux apps from a Win32 box at all? Any 
info or pointers on where to look to find out how to build a cross 
compiler with GCC will be vastly appreciated...

> Hi Guys,
> We are in the process of attempting to use Cygwin as a cross compile 
> development environment for Linux using a Windows 2000 machine for 
> development. Our plan is to target initially Red Hat 7.0, but we 
> would like to support all distributions with one binary. Hence our 
> plan is to simply staticly link the runtime libraries we use into our 
> programs instead of dynamically linking the code to avoid issues with 
> libc5, glibc2 glibc2.1 etc etc. We would also like to be able to 
> remote debug from the Windows 2000 machine to the Linux box using 
> TCP/IP (probably with GVD or Insight; does Insight support this?)
> So if anyone has any experience in this area or can point me to the 
> appropriate FAQ's and documentation on doing this it would be 
> appreciated. Also my plan initially is to start with the latest 
> version of GCC/Binutils etc source code that already builds for 
> Cygwin as the basis of the cross-compiler rather than using the Red 
> Hat source code (definately not 2.96 from RH 7.0 ;-). Does that plan 
> make sense, or should we start with a different version of the 
> compiler? What about the binutils stuff, will the versions that are 
> used for Cygwin work OK if we re-target and compile them for Linux?
> Thanks!

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