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Re: RCS 5.7 Patches

On Mon, Apr 16, 2001 at 09:07:02PM -0300, Andre Oliveira da Costa wrote:
>I've had a couple of problems with RCS myself in the past, and with the
>handy assistance of many people from this list I finally managed to do it. I
>have recently had to recompile/reinstall RCS 5.7 on my NT4 w/ cygwin, and
>these were the steps I followed:
>* apply patch to RCS sources (refer to msg
>* temporarily link /bin/sh to /bin/bash
>* run "./configure" on the main RCS src dir
>* run "make && make install" on the same dir
>* [optional] restore /bin/sh to its original executable (if you don't mind
>using the 460KB -- more feature rich -- bash executable instead of the 68KB
>sh executable, you don't have to restore the link)
>Be advised, though, that RCS will only work with recent cygwin1.dll
>snapshots because of an obscure problem with some inner functions (Corinna
>posted a message a while ago about this; it's on the archives). My system
>has been running snapshot 20010407 without a glitch for a couple of days

I hate it when this kind of advice gets into the archives.

The "Just link /bin/sh to /bin/bash" advice is IMO always wrong.

If /bin/sh is misbehaving it should be fixed.  Please don't just blindly
follow this advice.  Instead, participate in an open source and work
towards a solution rather than just narrowly focusing on getting your
immediate problem solved.

Of course, it would help if we understood exactly what was wrong with
/bin/sh that required this link...


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