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A list of help needed

Hey all. Im new to the listserv so if any of this seems to be a repeat 
please foregive me. Ive been working with cygwin for a while on my 
windows98se box and I wanted to ask a few questions regarding some things I 
have ran into.

1)  Can Cygwin run libnet? If so what version or where can I find a package 
that works?

2) Im having a problem getting the telnet daemon to run. I may be going at 
this wrong so if you notice something wrong with what I have done by all 
means please point it out.

I went into the inetutils-1.3.2 folder and went to run a make (thinking this 
would be the best place to start). The make file went thru completely. Then 
I proceeded to run a Make Install. It went thru fine. Now I wasnt quite sure 
where to go from there to start the telnet daemon so I read the 
inetutils-1.3.2.README. Inside that file it tells me to do 'net start inetd' 
in turn it gave me the error 'Error 2185: The service name is invalid. Make 
sure you are specifying a valid
service name, and then try again.'  Once I saw that I thought maybe that 
tampering with it a little would get what I want so i tried 'net start' 
which just gave me 'The command was completed successfully.
' which to me means I didnt get anything accomplished. Im not sure where to 
go from there. For telnetd it says to make sure that crypt and login is 
installed. As far as im aware I do have these installed :). So any pointers 
on how to get this up and going would be greatly appreciated.

3)  When I type 'who' i get the response 'who: /var/run/utmp
'. Is this supose to be that way? If not how can I correct this?

Thanks for the help.

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