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I've read through the (latest) FAQ and all README's I can find and can't see
any answer to my Ctl-Z problem.  I've downloaded the latest 1.1.8 Cygwin
release, upgrading from B20 and in the documentation, it seems to see that
suspending jobs with Ctl-Z should actually work.  It's something I've missed
since I downloaded the first Cygwin software several months ago.

Anyway, I'm using Win2000, I've set the CYGWIN environment var to "tty
notitle glob", my term type is set to 'cygwin' and I've recompiled tcsh on
this machine, just in case.  If I run e.g., emacs without a & and type
Ctl-Z, nothing apparently happens in that window, but if I go to another
tcsh window and do a ps, an 'S' appears by the emacs PID.  The emacs process
is unaffected, though, as I can still type into it.  If I do a kill -19
<emacs pid>, the S goes away, so the signal system is working somewhat.  It
just looks like the tcsh shell isn't returning a shell prompt after the
Ctl-Z.  It doesn't work for a bash shell either.

Does Ctl-Z actually work under windows so that I can have unix-like
behavior?  If so, what are the shell/cygwin/Windows 2000 magic settings?


Larry Piano

Lawrence J Piano

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