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Mea Culpa on patch

For what it's worth, I've lost some confidence in the patch that I
published yesterday.  It seems that at least one environment variable,
'INCLUDE' that should be getting translated does not always do so.  This
causes compilation to fail when I run the vc++ compiler out of a GNU
makefile.  Oddly enough, the same command line to cl.exe suceeds when
I do it directly from bash, so *perhaps* the cygwin make knows something
about the INCLUDE variable and munges it?  But I was able to find no
evidence of such tinkering in the make sources.  Anyway, I don't have
much time to debug this, so for right now I'm dropping back to adding
static entries to the array of variables that is included in the stock, until such time as I can nail this down.

Any suggestions for experienced cygwin hackers would be appreciated, I
will eventually lick this thing.  I am leaving the patch on my web site,, with a copy of this message attached, in case somebody
gets the urge to hack on it.

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