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RE:Q about unistd.h/getopt.h

Hi, Mark Paulus wrote:

>I apologize if this has been asked, but I can't seem to access the mail
>archives right now to check.  Anyway, I am building fetchmail,
>and it mostly builds right out of the box, except for one small problem
>which I noticed before but didn't pay attention to much.

>It complains that fetchmail.c has an undefined variable
>optind.  After looking around, and compiling the exact
>same source on my debian box, I find out that getopt.h
<is included in unistd.h, with the following code:

>#ifdef  __USE_POSIX2
>/* Get definitions and prototypes for functions to process the
>   arguments in ARGV (ARGC of them, minus the program name) for
>   options given in OPTS.  */
># define __need_getopt
># include <getopt.h>
>and that nothing like this exists in cygwin.
>My debian machine is using 2.95.2-13 of gcc.  Is this a difference
>in the versions of gcc, or an issue with the cygwin version of unistd.h?

For KDE I need the same function. Should getopt.h included in unistd.h in
future cygwin releases ?

Who can give an answer

Ralf Habacker

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