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Re: RCS 5.7 Patches

Well I do not want to get in to an argument about it but...  No one else has access to
my laptop besides me.  And I have not installed any other package other than cygwin
that would contain that dll.

All I can tell you is that the dll was dated 8/2000.

I do not know how it got there.  I do know that is the date that I rebuilt my machine
from scratch to win2k and I do remember cygwin was the first program (other than the
os) that I put on.  Mostly do to the fact that it has a great ftpserver built in.

Anyway...  It really does not matter to me anymore...  I deleted the dll that was in
winnt/sytem32 and I am no running it correctly...


Earnie Boyd wrote:

> Louis Bohm wrote:
> >
> > I just wanted to point out that I never copied the cygwin1.dll anywhere up until
> > this time.  The setup must have done this a while back and not knowing any
> > better I never moved it.
> >
> Well, since no one else addressed this comment I will.  The Cygwin
> installation process past, present and future, has never and will never
> put anything in any directory than the given cygwin root directory.
> There are two ways that the cygwin1.dll could have been in your
> \windows\system32 directory:
> 1) You or someone else copied it there.
> 2) You installed a package from someone else that had a copy of the
> cygwin1.dll in the system32 directory.
> Earnie.
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