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Re: Mass deployment wrote:
> My tech is going to need to deploy cygwin 1.1.x on several machines for my
> company.  I would prefer to have him do this from a shell script that would run
> under cygwin B20, which is on these machines now, since GUIs tend to take lots
> of time to get things done, and selecting the same packages on all machines
> would tend to be error-prone, but I'm open to suggestions.  What is the
> recommended way to automate mass identical installs?
> I'll also be including a patched cygwin1.dll, is there a way to have this
> automaticly done?
> I'd like to make this as simple as possible for him, he's a windows guy, and
> frightened of the keyboard.

I would put the updated binary tarballs on a server locally, map that
\\server\share and choose the install from current directory from
setup.  The GUI in the setup isn't the workhorse, it's just the means to
get things started.  The other option is to grab the sources for setup
and modify them to do the install without the GUI.  Then you could just
batch the process.  This item is on the TODO list when someone get a
round tuit.

Optionally you could install on the server and just set the cygwin
directory as a share and have all the others map to it.  This will have
speed impact so if you're actually depending on timely results it might
not be what you want to do.  If you do decide on this you'll need to map
the mount points in the registry.  The yet to be released 1.3.0 has a
new option in mount to allow it to output the mount point registry
entries in a file so that you can move that file to another client and
use that file to do the mounts.  You could grab a current snapshot and
use the binary for the new mount process it you decide to use this


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