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Re: Ctl-Z

Try this


Lawrence Piano wrote:
> I've read through the (latest) FAQ and all README's I can find and can't see
> any answer to my Ctl-Z problem.  I've downloaded the latest 1.1.8 Cygwin
> release, upgrading from B20 and in the documentation, it seems to see that
> suspending jobs with Ctl-Z should actually work.  It's something I've missed
> since I downloaded the first Cygwin software several months ago.
> Anyway, I'm using Win2000, I've set the CYGWIN environment var to "tty
> notitle glob", my term type is set to 'cygwin' and I've recompiled tcsh on
> this machine, just in case.  If I run e.g., emacs without a & and type
> Ctl-Z, nothing apparently happens in that window, but if I go to another
> tcsh window and do a ps, an 'S' appears by the emacs PID.  The emacs process
> is unaffected, though, as I can still type into it.  If I do a kill -19
> <emacs pid>, the S goes away, so the signal system is working somewhat.  It
> just looks like the tcsh shell isn't returning a shell prompt after the
> Ctl-Z.  It doesn't work for a bash shell either.
> Does Ctl-Z actually work under windows so that I can have unix-like
> behavior?  If so, what are the shell/cygwin/Windows 2000 magic settings?
> Thanks,
> Larry Piano
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