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3 Questions about man

First, I've noticed that there are no man pages for
the cygwin utilities. It looks like it would be pretty
easy to turn the "using-utils" web page into some 
groff manpages--is there any interest in this? I'd
be happy to do it (they'll be really basic) but I'd
like to know beforehand if there's any chance they'd
be used or at least included in the cygwin package.

The only *nix I have much experience with is Linux, so
this next question might be just a Linux irregularity:
what is man.conf doing in /lib (or /usr/lib)? Isn't
that directory for object files like kernel modules?
Shouldn't it be in /etc?

Third, could the man package include empty directories
cat1,cat2...catn in /usr/man so that man will 
automatically save preformatted pages instead of 
groffing them every time? Who is the right person to
contact about this?

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