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vfscanf in newlib

I'm trying to fix the scanw() problem in ncurses (it doesn't work because
the vsscanf() function is missing).  

I've basically implemented vsscanf by setting up a fake FILE structure,
and then I want to call vfscanf() on that fake FILE.  However, I then
discovered that, although newlib contains an internal function
'__svfscanf()' which is the guts of scanf(), fscanf(), and sscanf(),
newlib does NOT contain a vfscanf().

This is wierd because vfscanf() would just be trivial wrapper around

Since newlib doesn't contain vfscanf(), cygwin doesn't contain it either
-- and cygwin doesn't export __svfscanf().

Does anybody know why newlib doesn't implement a trival vfscanf() wrapper
around __svfscanf() ?  I'd really rather not reimplement all the guts of
__svfscanf() just to get vfscanf() & vsscanf() working for ncurses'
scanw().  Or, would it be acceptable to generate a patch to cygwin that
implements vfscanf() as an exported wrapper for the non-exported


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