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Re: emacs and cvs : ediff, merge, and ^M

this line is needed because of Mule.
However, you are using an old version apparently, because several mos ago
it was changed. 'raw-text is now used. 
Can you check if this also solves the problem you describe?
(I recall that this was hashed out with a number of NT users as well.)


Chuck.Irvine writes:
> I had a hunch that the ^M characters that I was seeing in the buffer 
> *ediff-fine-diff* were the cause of this problem. So, I started poking 
> around to see if I could see where this buffer was being populated and 
> started examining the method ediff-exec-process. Pretty quickly the 
> line 
> (coding-system-for-read 'no-conversion) caught my eye. Since I had 
> previously thought that the problem might be related to coding-system 
> effects, I commented this line out, evaluated the method, and tried 
> again, just to see what happened. Lo and behold, the problem went away, 
> i.e. ediff correctly identified the diffs as real instead of just a 
> difference in white space. I've tried a few more things and so far it 
> doesn't seem like I've broken anything. 
> So, Michael, what is the purpose of this line of code? Do you think 
> commenting it out will break something somewhere? Any alternative 
> suggestions? Thanks.
> Joshua, BTW, the first thing that you will need to do is download and 
> install the latest version of ediff. Sorry, I can't remember where I 
> downloaded it from. And, also, many people will ignore html formatted 
> email - not sure exactly why.
> Chuck
> -----Original Message-----
> From: jwalsky []
> Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2001 6:34 PM
> To: cygwin
> Cc: jwalsky; Chuck.Irvine
> Subject: emacs and cvs : ediff, merge, and ^M
> I saw the thread initiated by Chuck Irvine about ediff and carriage 
> returns (^M) on Windows back in November, but could not find any 
> resolution.
> I am experiencing similar problems, both --binary not being understood 
> and ^M appearing upon merge.  When files are merged through the cvs 
> update command (with or without conflicts) ^M are inserted in the new 
> versions.    It seems that whatever is doing the merge for cvs is 
> inserting these carriage returns?  Is there any way to stop this?  Is 
> this a configuration issue?  I am not too concerned about the --binary 
> issue since I really haven't looked into it thoroughly enough, however, 
> I could use some help with the carriage returns.
> The ediff version I have is 2.70.2 (as indicated by ediff-version)
> The emacs version I have is 20.7.1 (as indicated by version)
> The cvs version is 1.11 (as indicated by cvs --version)
> My cygwin.dll version is 1.1.8 (that is the version I downloaded... how 
> can I figure this out if I forgot?)
> Thanks in advance,
> - joshua
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