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Re: Setup Program

Karl, look in the archives..

a) this has been discussed before. Being able to downgrade is very
useful for some users. This isn't a bug, its a feature. :] Well actually
I think its on the list somewhere as a tick box option.
b) Cygwin is really very easy to program: _you_ could work on it.


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From: "Karl M" <>
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Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2001 12:41 AM
Subject: Setup Program

> Hi All...
> Next time anyone is working on Setup.exe...
> I usually use Setup.exe (with download from internet) to maintain a
> copy of the CygWin files and then do a local install to multiple
> This works fine, but I noticed that Setup.exe does not remove old
files from
> the local directory when it downloads new updates. If there are
> changes, I just delete my local directory and re-download, but this is
> traffic for the mirror. Perhaps Setup.exe could delete the old files
when it
> downloads new ones.
> Thanks,
> ...Karl
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