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sizes with du.exe (fileutils 4.0-3)


I'm new to the list, and have the following situation:

. Product version of the Cgynus Toolkit is installed.
. We noticed a problem with the du executable from fileutils 3.16
  returning negative numbers on files > 2G
. Downloaded the fileutils-4.0 from and built them
  results were better but only seemed to report half the actual value
. Searched the Cygwin e-mail archives and found a fix for sizing problem
  in fileutils-4.0-3.
. Downloaded the source fileutils-4.0-3 from
  results were much better, but the following is still occurring

$ ls -l du.exe
-rwxrwxrwx   1 administ Administ   443705 Apr 13 13:55  du.exe

du (3.16):
$ du -b du.exe
443705  du.exe

du (4.0):
$ ./du -b du.exe
222208  du.exe

du (4.0-3):
$ ./du403 -b du.exe
444416  du.exe

Do I need a newer version of the Cygwin1.dll to get the same answer
on the number of bytes as I get from the 3.16 version??


Jerry Heyman   919.224.1442    | Tivoli Systems       |"Software is the 
Build Infrastructure Architect | 3901 S Miami Blvd    | difference between        | Durham, NC  27703    | hardware and reality"

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