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Re: cygwin apps in pipe ignore ctrl+c


Wednesday, 18 April, 2001 Tim Baker wrote:

>> TB> I have a console app MyApp which runs in a pipe. MyApp calls
>> TB> CreateProcess() to launch OtherApp and later calls
>> TB> GenerateConsoleCtrlEvent() to send Ctrl+C to OtherApp. When
>> TB> OtherApp is non-Cygwin it is interrupted cleanly just as though
>> TB> the user had typed Ctrl+C from in the DOS window. But when
>> TB> OtherApp is a Cygwin application it ignores any number of
>> TB> CTRL_C_EVENTs I send and continues running. So a Cygwin
>> TB> app must be calling SetConsoleCtrlHandler() to intercept the
>> TB> CTRL_C_EVENT but for some reason it is not behaving properly
>> TB> when the Cygwin app is *running in a pipe*. (The Cygwin app IS
>> TB> attached to a Win32 console window which is required for
>> TB> GenterateConsoleCtrlEvent() to work.)
>> use kill() function to interrupt cygwin application. this is a normal
>> unix way to do such things.

TB> Sure, but I do not know if OtherApp is going to be a Cygwin app or not.
TB> Sometimes it is not, so calling Cygwin's kill() might not be appropriate.

you can do (for example) something like this:

  signal (SIGCHLD, process_sigchld);
  kill (child_pid, SIGTERM);
  sleep (1);
  if (!child_exited)
    use_win32_methods_to_terminate_child ();

TB> In any event, this bug effects typing Ctrl+C in a console window too.
TB> When I run "gcc -pipe file.c" and CPP is running, I type Ctrl+C and
TB> CPP does not die. I then type Ctrl+Alt+Del to see the running tasks
TB> and GCC is gone but not CPP (CPP continues running then exits).

can you provide simple testcase?

Egor.   ICQ 5165414 FidoNet 2:5020/496.19

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