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stripped dlls

In an ongoing attempt to link to a dll that was produced by MS VC++ I have
the following situation:

1. When using the example (in the user manual section entitled - Linking
Against DLLs) on how to produce a library (MYDLL.a) file from the dll
(MYDLL.dll) I get the error message that there are "no symbols" in the dll.
It says the technique shown will only work if the dll is not "stripped".

2. How do I get MS VC++ to generate a dll that is not "stripped"?

3. I did try linking with MYDLL.lib which does not work.

4. I also tried building MYDLL.a from MYDLL.lib using the aforementioned
technique. This appeared to work in that it generated MYDLL.a which was rich
with entry points. Unfortunately, none of them matched.

5. I have tried declaring the functions with the following:

	extern int  __declspec(dllimport) Get_Status_Nav (struct NAV_STAT_MSG* m);

6. The cygwin (or GNU) linker complains with:

	undefined reference to _imp__Get_Status_Nav

7. When I leave off the __declspec(dllimport) qualifier I get:

	undefined reference to Get_Status_Nav

Any suggestions would be appeciated.

BTW: thanks to Larry Hall who has been helping me along on this effort.

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