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RE: mkfifo -where is it ?

Cygwin does not currently support fifo's. As you may know a fifo is
essentially a named pipe, and Win9x doesn't support named pipes. I have
an alpha implementation of fifos in my working directory, that
implements the pipe using shared memory and should work on win95, but
it's got a little problem with fork() at the moment. Until I get that
tracked down, or someone else implements fifo's Cygwin really does not
support mkfifo. If you are interested in implementing fifos an
alternative route and potentially better route would be to implement
fifos using paired anonymous pipes.


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> From: Jacek Trzcinski []
> Sent: Friday, April 20, 2001 3:53 PM
> To:
> Subject: mkfifo -where is it ?
> Hi !
> Recently I decided to build xwpe packet taken from Red Hat 
> Power Tools. 
> Everything seems to work... but without debuging. To build 
> packet I had
> to comment
> few lines in one module which calls "mkfifo" function. Utilizing xwpe
> without debuging is
> without sense. As I inspected there are calls to "mkfifo" in different
> files of cygwin 
> distribution but this function seems to be absent in any 
> dll's or other
> library of cygwin. There is only mkfifo.exe in /usr/bin.
> Does cygwin really not support mkfifo ?
> Jacek
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