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Re: sshd: failed password

On Thu, Apr 19, 2001 at 07:10:55PM -0700, Andy Wilcox wrote:
> Howdy.
> First, thanks for all your hard work on cygwin.  It rules!
> Gotta question on sshd.  I've installed the latest copies
> of everything (as of 4/18/01) which includes cygwin 1.1.8
> and openssh-2.5.2.p2.
> I've read the /usr/doc/Cygwin/openssh*.readme, and have
> adjusted the sshd_config file for no RSA and yes for passwords.
> Here's the problem.  Running the daemon as myself,
> and trying to log in as myself, I just get (from sshd -d -d -d)
> "Failed password for andy from port xyz"

When using password authentication it's irrelevant if
you try to login as yourself or any other account.
Your account then unconditionally and invariably needs the
user rights as described in the aforementioned README.
Better try RSA authentication when login from your own
user account (either started from CLI or as service) and
password authentication when sshd is running as service
under LocalSystem account, which has these user rights
by default.


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