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Re: Initial patch to implement partial auth with SSH2

Hi All...

I've been experimenting with the partial authorization patch for 
OpenSSH-2.5.2. I'm using CygWin on a Windows 2000 (SP1) box.

I noticed a bug in the patch that shows up for CygWin users. The problem is 
that publickey authentication only works if sshd is running with the same 
user-id as the ssh client. When I run sshd as a service with a user-id of 
LocalSystem publickey authentication fails.

This is because the check_nt_auth call in userauth-pubkey fails if the ssh 
user-id is different from the sshd user-id.

It looks to me like userauth_pubkey needs to "suspend disbelief" (and not 
call check_nt_auth and auth_password) for partial authentication, in the 
hope that a password may come later. Then somewhere check_nt_auth 
auth_password need to be called to make sure that we don't forget to set the 
sshd user-id to the ssh user-id.


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