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Re: How to install (Windows 2000)

At 03:58 PM 4/20/2001, Linda K. Shepard wrote:
>I used cygwin all of the time on my Windows NT system here at work. 
>Yesterday, I got a new Windows 2000 PC and can't get my cgywin
>capability to work.  I use it to do Unix-like commands (ls, cat, etc.)
>on my PC.  
>My questions are:
>1) Will cygwin work on the 2000 OS?

>2) How do I install it?  I found a setup.exe but when I run it I seem to
>get caught in a loop.  It asks me to choose among
>      o Use IE5 Settings
>      o Direct Connection
>      o Use HTTP/FTP Proxy
>    I don't know what to select, so I was desperately using trial and
>error.  The next window says that it's downloading mirrors.lst but then
>takes me back to that first setup window.  That's the loop I'm talking
>about.  I looked all over your web page for step-by-step installation
>instructions but can't find them.  I'm sure they are there, I just don't
>know where to look.

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