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Re: How to install (Windows 2000)

Cygwin does run under Win2K Pro (I'm using it right now.)

You should go out to and get the latest
copy of setup.exe (or use this link:

If you are connected to the internet (either have your modem
already linked, or use an ethernet card/always on via
lan), then I would use Direct Connection.
My favorite mirror tends to be the nasa site.
Then when it presents the list of all programs, select the ones you
want.  Don't do as I did at first and assume the little box is a 
check box for what you want.  That check box is for whether
you want the source files (*.c, *.h, *.mak, etc, etc), which 
will greatly bloat your install if you don't need them.  You select
what you DON'T want by clicking on the entry in "new" column.  Every
time you click on it, it will cycle to a new option, until you get to
the option to ignore this package.

When you think you have all you need, click next, and everything should
be good to go.....

After that you may need to manually manipulate your path statement to
get the command line utilities to work in your regular command window.


On Fri, 20 Apr 2001 13:58:10 -0600, Linda K. Shepard wrote:

>I used cygwin all of the time on my Windows NT system here at work. 
>Yesterday, I got a new Windows 2000 PC and can't get my cgywin
>capability to work.  I use it to do Unix-like commands (ls, cat, etc.)
>on my PC.  
>My questions are:
>1) Will cygwin work on the 2000 OS?
>2) How do I install it?  I found a setup.exe but when I run it I seem to
>get caught in a loop.  It asks me to choose among
>     o Use IE5 Settings
>     o Direct Connection
>     o Use HTTP/FTP Proxy
>   I don't know what to select, so I was desperately using trial and
>error.  The next window says that it's downloading mirrors.lst but then
>takes me back to that first setup window.  That's the loop I'm talking
>about.  I looked all over your web page for step-by-step installation
>instructions but can't find them.  I'm sure they are there, I just don't
>know where to look.
>I hate to give up cygwin but need some direction on getting it back. 
>Can you help?
>Linda Shepard
>Sandia National Labs
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