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Re: ntsec with W2K workgroup

Thanks for your suggestions. I have cleanly reinstalled everything now 
and working fine. I think when I made changes to ownerships some time 
back with Win 2000 permissions this problem happened.

Can i use login in a workgroup. Followed the ntsec document and 
login.readme. When i tried login in bash shell I could not login. Does 
login restrict usernames to 8 characters. I tried typing venkates as 
username also. Others are fine.

/etc/passwd file:


/etc/group file:

Power Users:S-1-5-32-547:547:

venkatesh wrote:

> On Fri, Apr 20, 2001 at 07:01:18PM +0530, venkatesh wrote:
>> Hi
>> Actually I have used setup.exe to install cygwin. In the /bin directory
>> all the files don't have any permission bit set when I use ntsec. And
>> the files have owner/group as administ/None. Without ntsec the files
>> owner/group are venkates/Power Us.
> So you have changed your /etc/passwd already. If not, it would
> have been venkates/None.
>> Most of the files I could execute in that directory but some
>> applications such as man complain about troff not found etc. When i
>> remove ntsec I don't have any problem. Should I set ntsec env variable
>> before using setup.exe. 
> That doesn't have any effect. setup.exe is not a Cygwin application.
>>  In my /etc/passwd and etc/group entries have 
>> None as group for all users. I tried changing them (like 547)also.
> That's ok. None is the primary group setting on workstations and
> servers outside of a domain. It's not changable in NT, except by
> entering a domain! The well known local groups like `Users'
> `Power Users', `Administrators' are only usable as suplementary
> groups. Cygwin manages to use the settings in /etc/passwd as
> if another group is your primary group when ntsec is on but
> as soon as you create a file using a non-Cygwin application you
> will see that it has group `None' again.
> I suggest reading the ntsec chapter in the online user guide:
> Corinna

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