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Re: Cygwin Python Distribution GPL Licensing Issue?

We had this discussion on the xfree-list a while ago, it was cygwin
vs. the X-license (X-server/applications compiled with cygwin), I
didn't follow the discussion, but I think it settled with that it was
ok.. Something under the thread "RE: Debug of Test 15 (cgf input needed"

A comment from there, bottom of original by "Christopher Faylor"
DJ and I came up with additional wording that I thought would satisfy
anyone except someone who didn't want to provide the sources.  I got
clearance from Cygnus's CEO to allow the greater flexibility.  I
thought I was doing the community a favor by relaxing the Cygwin

Hey isn't there other non-GPL packages being distributed.. 

Hmm I have seen references to openssh.. 


/ Jason Tishler <> wrote:
| DJ,
| I need your deep understanding of the GPL.  Please see the attached.
| What is your assessment of the perceived licensing issue.  Am I
| violating the GPL by distributing Cygwin Python?
| Of course, others are welcome to share their opinions too.
| Thanks,
| Jason

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