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Re: disk space needed for cygwin?


As one reference point, I have installed and maintained at the latest 
stable release level everything in the latest and contributed directories 
(without sources).

On my 10 gig FAT32 partition, this installation requires just over 300 
megabytes of allocated space (to hold 220 megabytes of data in ~16600 files 
across ~720 directories). Some of that is a sparsely populated /home and 
perhaps a small bit of locally applied additions. I can't think of much I 
added within the Cygwin install directory, though; Possibly some CygUtils 

Randall Schulz
Teknowledge Corp.
Palo Alto, CA USA

At 10:59 4/22/2001, Cassidy Gentle wrote:
>According to the readme file on the ftp sites for downloading cygwin, the 
>installation should take up less than 100MB of disk space.  However, I've 
>got 500MB of free disk space and when I run the setup program to install 
>cygwin it runs out of disk space and does not complete.  Is there 
>something going wrong with the installation process, or is the information 
>in the readme file out of date?
>Cassidy Gentle

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