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Backwards typing under load

I've noticed that when my system (Windows 98 SE, Cygwin 1.1.8) comes
under sudden, heavy load (especially heavy disk i/o), some keyboard
input in my cygiwn shell comes out backwards!

A good way to precipitate this seems to be to load up a bunch of MP3
files in Winamp with the playlist open (it takes inordinately long to
search every file for length & id tags), then while it's working type
away in the cygwin window running bash, or joe, or whatever. (Other
activities, such as loading StarOffice, will do the trick nicely as

What I type:

What I get on screen (both echoed, and in the 'xxx not found' message):
    [-------][--] < the reversed sections
     [-----] [-][------] []
  [-------] [------] [ ------]

This is rather distracting when I suddenly find that "cd bin" becomes
"nib dc" or "/ fr- mr" becomes "rm -rf /" if I type at the wrong time.
:) Actually, since the \n can also be swapped around, "rm -rf /junk\n"
could end up as "rm -rf /\nknuj", so always wait before you hit enter...

I don't see this behavior in a COMMAND.COM dos box, nor in Windows GUI
apps - keypresses stay in proper order except in cygwin. It also seems
to be independent of keyboard layout, happening both with my normal
US-International layout (in which dead keys don't work, this seems to be
an old problem judging by the list archives) and a vanilla US-101

I don't see anything obvious in the list archives or docs, so... any
idea what's going on here?

-- brion vibber ( /

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