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Re: Support in gcc for 586

On Sun, Apr 22, 2001 at 09:52:07PM -0500, Nicolay Giraldo wrote:
>>Did you actually TRY THIS?
>>Cygwin was built with this compiler.  I haven't seen anyone complaining
>>that Cygwin didn't operate on a "Pentium MMX".
>>If you are actually having some sort of problem, then post it here.
>>Otherwise, it appears that you are making incorrect assumptions about
>>the way that gcc operates.
>Yes, it is another kind of problem.
>I have just 4 days with cygwin, so please forgive me.
>I'm running postgresql, so I have to use cygwin 1.1.7 (thats what 
>this list's archives says and works for now)
>Yesterday I downloaded gcc, and it didn't worked, so I though it has
>something to do with the lib/686 files, cause the errors were 
>noticed there.
>But the problem is the last gcc is linked against the last cygwin,
>now I'm using an older gcc and it compiles things right.
>Thanks for your patience.

There is no reason why the gcc that you were using should be unable
to work with 1.1.7.

Again, if you are having problems, specific error messages are
an absolute requirement.


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