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postgresql newbie

I have the latest cygwin DLL and installed postgresql via cygwin setup.exe. I followed instructions and d/l latest cygipc, did a make/make install, ran the 
following tests:
ipctest s
ipctest h
ipctest g

and all gave OK.
I then started ipcdaemon &  ( running win95) and tried initdb. The following error occurred:

$ initdb
This database system will be initialized with username "projectobjects".
This user will own all the data files and must also own the server process.

Creating directory /usr/share/postgresql/data
Creating directory /usr/share/postgresql/data/base
Creating directory /usr/share/postgresql/data/global
Creating directory /usr/share/postgresql/data/pg_xlog
Creating template1 database in /usr/share/postgresql/data/base/1
FATAL 2:  InitRelink(logfile 0 seg 0) failed: No space left on device

initdb failed.
Removing /usr/share/postgresql/data.
Removing temp file /tmp/initdb.72091.

If this relates to semaphores, how can I set them higher?

thanks for any help,

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