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RE: Backwards typing under load

Using M-x shell inside Emacs for win32 works quite well too, even
on Win 9x and Me.  Be sure to set up your shell-file-name and
explicit-shell-file-name to use bash though, per the cygwin FAQ:

I've found Emacs to be the best console window replacement on Win32.
(It's useful for other things too of course ;-> )

Like rxvt or other xterms, you can of course see the type-ahead
information while the prior command is running, and I've never
had emacs reverse the characters.  Unlike rxvt or other xterms
you can even use M-s to regexp search your prior commands, or
use M-p and M-n to browse through them and edit the command
even _before_ the prior command finishes and returns to a prompt.


-----Original Message-----
From: Dmitrii Pasechnik []
Sent: Monday, April 23, 2001 8:23 AM
Subject: Re: Backwards typing under load

On Mon, 23 Apr 2001, Bruno DELFOSSE wrote:

>> and what does happen if you run cygwin in rxvt window?
>> (this would tell whether is involved in this, or not)
>The problem is that I cannot manage to make the Xserver working in Win ME
>works perfectly when I use Win2K) ... it freezes (I mean all Windows
>before I can do much things ... so it will be hard to answer to your
>question.The latest version I tried was the Test19.exe fo Harold Hunt.
for a version of rxvt that does not use (full-blown) X11.
(the whole binary download is like 300K)

(this is especially nice to use for ppl running Win9* with a non-english
kbd that have problems with deadkeys and cygwin. with rxvt you can just
use the keyboard switcher as it is a true Win32 app, no

Well, I don't know if it runs on Win ME though (it does run on Win9* and

Dmitrii Pasechnik

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