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Re: tramp on NT emacs

Keith Amidon <> writes:

> Inspired by Mark, I've been poking around trying to get tramp working
> on nt-emacs 20.7 with the Cygwin ssh port.  I'm really
> close. Hopefully someone knows what needs to be done to take this the
> rest of the way.

I've got a quick synopsis of what I've done to attempt to get
tramp working up at <>.

Though I don't say so on that page, I'm getting the following
in my *Messages* buffer:

    Couldn't find exit status of `ls -d "/home/mah/.bash_profile"'

when I try find-file on /tr@su:mah@mah:/home/mah/.bash_profile.

Looking through the debug buffer, it seems to be coming from the
following two lines:

    ls: tramp_exit_status 1
    / this file does not exist : No such file or directory

The results of the two commands in

    ls "/ this file does not exist"; echo tramp_exit_status $?

are being interpolated.

So, now I need some way to ensure that STDERR and STDOUT will
wait on each other.  Looking over the bash manpage, I can't see
any way to coerce it.

Ahhh... That's about it for me.  Anyone else?


		      ommnes exeunt in mysterium
		     All Things Lead into Mystery

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