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RE: Backwards typing under load

At 12:05 PM 4/24/2001, Dr. Carsten Bormann wrote:
> > Sorry.  I have no idea when this was fixed.  I think it was pre-1.1.0.
>No.  I'm pretty sure it still was prevalent in 1.1.7 (with W98SE).
>I hadn't seen it in 1.3.0 yet, but I just managed to reproduce it with
>1.3.0 -- type "du /" and, while the system is very busy doing that, type
>  ^^^^^             ^^
>(I may have mistyped the ut, but certainly not the fedcb.)

You should recheck this thread.  Chris wasn't referring to the problem of 
reversed characters being fixed per-se.  He mentioned in the thread that 
he could not reproduce the problem and that the only problem he knew of 
that seemed related had been fixed some (long) time ago.  The follow-up to 
that was asking when this *other* bug was fixed, specifically.  Chris's 
response is above.

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