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Re: May need a ghostscript maintainer

Hello from the ghostscript maintainer. Due to the fact that I
was recently part of the "restructuring" happening here in
Silicon Valley, I've been playing catch up on the mailing list.
All of my cygwin stuff was on my NT4 laptop which stayed at the
company. I'm currently running Win98 from home and will need
to start all over from scratch with cygwin.

So, here's my response.

1) If someone else volunteers to be the ghostscript maintainer,
   I will defer to that person.

2) In lieu of #1, I will attempt to use Norman Vines process to
   create an X-less ghostscript. (as soon as I can get cygwin
   installed again) One quick question, Norman Vines procedure
   creates a ghostscript that doesn't allow you to view the files.
   Is that agreeable as a distribution?

3) Move the ghostscript over to the contrib section of the xfree86


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From: "Christopher Faylor" <>
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Sent: Monday, April 23, 2001 1:13 PM
Subject: May need a ghostscript maintainer

> Our ghostscript maintainer seems to be MIA.
> Given the number of problems that people are having with ghostscript,
> I have three options:
> 1) Remove ghostscript from the distribution.
> 2) Find a new maintainer who will rectify the existing problems.
> 3) Have the existing maintainer rectify the problems.
> I sent email to the maintainer a week ago and haven't heard anything
> so it looks like #3 is out.
> Is anyone willing to maintain this?  We need to provide an X-less
> version of ghostscript.  Norman Vine has managed to do this, so it is
> not an impossible feat:
> If someone would like to volunteer to do this, please respond to this
> thread.  Don't send email personally.  Just send email to
> cgf
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