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Re: gs.exe

Charles S. Wilson schrieb am 2001-04-23, 22:17:

Hi Chuck,

> You need to either recompile gs.exe against the cygwin libpng-1.0.9-3
> package, or revert back to the cygwin libpng-1.0.8-2 package. 

I tried to downgrade the libpng-package...

> (Actually, closer inspection of the gs.exe binary indicates that it was
> built against a cygwin libpng package that's even older than 1.0.8-2,

Aha. that is the one io deleted the last days...
Is the old version still available at cygutils?

> because it expects the png_init_io symbol at ordinal # 169 (cygwin-gcc
> automatic assignment when I built the old version of libpng for
> cygwin).  1.0.8-2 exports that symbol at # 170 (cygwin-gcc automatic
> assignment when I built libpng-1.0.8 for cygwin).  However, the .def
> file in 1.0.9-3 explicitly exports that symbol at #171.
> (You can check all this yourself using: 'objdump --all-headers gs.exe |
> grep png_init_io' -- but remember to add one to numbers reported by
> objdump.  Objdump uses 0-based numbering, whereas the .def files use
> 1-based numbering -- as if things weren't confusion enough.)
> See:

Hmmm, is it not superflues to distribute gs now with cygwin
and the new libpng?
Maybe i try to build gs again.

Thank you very much, Chuck.
> "Gerrit P. Haase" wrote:
> > 
> > Hi cygwinners,
> > 
> > i got an error when starting gs.exe.
> > 
> > Procedure entry point "png_init_io" couldn't be found
> > in cygpng2.dll is the win popup saying.
> > 
> > Someone else got the same behaviour?
> > 


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