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Re: CYGWIN file structure

There are a number of Unix/cygwin system routines for reading directory
entries (filenames)  opendir, readdir, closedir for example.

It sounds as if, for your problem, the scandir routine may be the
easiest to use.  Get a good book on Unix system programming or refer
to the man pages on a Linux box.  (The Linux man page re scandir has
an example that is particularly helpful.)  Good luck!

Tony Richardson

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On 4/24/2001, 6:40:02 PM, James Bergstrom <> wrote 
regarding CYGWIN file structure:

> We are writing a driver in CYGWIN to read an image file from a directory
> on the hard disk.  The files are placed there every few seconds by a
> webcam, and they are named "image1.tif", "image2.tif", etc.  We know the
> directory they are in, and we know that they are named "image[num].tif",
> but we are having trouble finding utilities to examine filenames in
> cygwin.

> Can you help (our senior project is due thursday morning)

> --
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