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Re: ntsec and sshd question

Hi Corinna...

I changed the CYGWIN setting and rebooted a couple of times to see...

With 'CYGWIN=ntsec tty' there is an extra process visible (ps -aef).

With 'CYGWIN=ntsec' there is no extra process visible.

I understand the spawning to authenticate eash login, but why does sshd 
spawn an extra time?

If it did not spawn an extra time, stopping the srvany service would do the 
right thing, ie stopping the sshd daemon.

In the *nix world, you want to run detached, but as a winnt/win2k service, 
you do not.



>From: Corinna Vinschen <>
>Subject: Re: ntsec and sshd question
>Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 09:19:20 +0200
>On Tue, Apr 24, 2001 at 11:47:00PM -0700, Karl M wrote:
> > Hi Corinna...
> >
> > But I did not see it before I set 'CYGWIN=ntsec tty'. When I had no 
> > set for the CYGWIN variable, I did not see the extra sshd process. Why 
>is it
> > different now?
>Dunno. Could you try "CYGWIN=nontsec tty" and "CYGWIN=ntsec notty"
>to check which setting raises that behaviour?
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