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Re: openSSH under cygwin fix

Hi C...

I understand what you are saying, and agree with that.

What I am saying is that when I use sshd running as a srvany service, I 
don't get my user specific environment variable definitions picked up (the 
ones I define from the windows gui). I have to also define them in 
~/.ssh/environment. I was just asking if there was a way to avoid this extra 



>From: "C" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Re: openSSH under cygwin fix
>Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 15:26:39 +0100
>start the sshd as a service with logon of different user.......make sure
>that user has the logon priveledges detailed in the openssh
>this has other benefits too.....not being as system
>easier to audit
>easier to kill process
>Hi Corinna...
>But when the process is spawned, it has the environment of SYSTEM or the
>user running the sshd daemon instead of the target user. Is it possible to
>change that?
>For now, I just set the ~/.ssh/environment to fix things up. But that
>requires maintaining two copies of my environment for
>win2k and one for sshd.

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