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cygwin, dlls and libs

Hi all!

    Last 2 nights I went through a nightmare of object file formats, symbol
mangling conventions, etc. when trying to build some python modules with
cygwin. Tonight I ended up building them with borland tools converting the
coff .lib to omf with coff2omf.exe. Then this morning I started to
understand a little more about the big picture, learn a lot about dlltool
(by the way, doc in the binutils manual is very good and they give an
example of building a dll that is three times less convolved than the one
given in cygwin manual -is there any particular reason? both of the methods
work, but the one I understand is the simple one, the other being perhaps
redundant), about .def files (MSDN docs), about __declspec(dllexport) and
_declspec(dllimport) directives (MSDN docs)... a lot of that _imp_*
unresolved references makes sense to me now. But I still have a lot of
questions about the subject so I decided to ask them here:

1) What is contained in .lib import files (both coff and omf)? I'm not
asking about coff and omf formats at all; I only want to know about specific
sections used and the way they are used in the context of dynamic
2) Can gnu tools cope with these formats? (I read about binutils and BFS and
I know they can, but perhaps gcc can't -although probably it shouldn't as
it's a frontend to the other utilities-. Or perhaps there are conventions
not defined by the formats but historically strongly related with a
particular format).
3) Depending on the response to the previous question: why are we building
those .a (or .dll.a) "stubs"? What is the real reason for not using .lib?
What do they contain?
4) Is there a way to append a '_imp_' prefix to symbols imported by a module
without declaring each one as __declspec(dllimport) in the sources? (Or
perhaps some filter utility which takes a .h and insert this directive
symbols before symbols...?).

I was looking for info on these points before asking here but although I
finded a lot on object file formats or about using specific tools I couldn't
find any really valuable as an answer to 1), 2) or 3). I don't expect
detailed asnwers here but I would be very glad if you can point me to some
(hypotetically) existent resource.

Thanks in advance,

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