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windump/pcap ported to gcc

[Please keep this quiet until the patchkits can be included in the main
distribution to keep the noise down for the maintainers.]


I have completed a port of the latest copy of windump and pcap (the
Windows versions of tcpdump and libpcap/bpf packet filter) to gcc.  You
can find the files and instructions at

The only things I wasn't able to port were the VXD and SYS.  I didn't have
time to port the resource files for the Netmeter example so if someone can
do that, I'd appreciate it.

The original developer of Windump keeps having a problem with
windump+gcc.  When he presses ^C, the statistics aren't printed.  He
traced the problem and believes windump is getting killed before its
cleanup() call can finish.  My copy here works fine.  Here is how it
should look:

> $ c:/windows/system/windump
> c:\windows\system\windump.exe: listening on PPPMAC
> [CTRL-C pressed]
> 0 packets received by filter
> 0 packets dropped by kernel

Please test windump+gcc and let me know if you can reproduce his problem
(or find any others!).  Once the code is integrated with the main
distribution, these patchkits will go away.


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