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Re: Invoker question

Hi All...

I will now answer my own question.

sshd wants (I could hear it talk to me) the -D option to be provided when 
run as a service (SrvAny, Invoker, ...) on WinNT/Win2000. The -D option 
prevents sshd from forking and detaching (which is a good thing in the *nix 
world). Instead, the process stays under the control of the service wrapper 
(SrvAny, Invoker, ...), so it can be stopped and started at will.

I have tested this with SrvAny. I believe it will resolve the problem I had 
with Invoker as well. I will check it tomorrow.



>From: "Karl M" <>
>Subject: Invoker question
>Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 13:33:22 -0800
>Hi All...
>I'm using Invoker to install sshd as a service on a win2k box.
>I set it up to automatically start sshd when the machine boots up.
>It works fine, except that it shows the service as stopped even though it 
>started and so it won't let you stop the service. Attempting to start the
>service again results in the Overlapped I/O error message that I have seen
>mentioned in this mailing list.
>Is this an inherent limitation of invoker (with win2k?) or do I need to set
>things up differently?
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