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Re: Joe Editor Inclusion

On Fri, Apr 27, 2001 at 04:23:46PM +0200, Andreas Eibach wrote:
>> On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 12:28:49PM -0700, Enoch Wu wrote:
>> >Will you include joe editor in Cygwin setup?
>> There are no plans to do so, no.
>> cgf
>For "small tasks", I usually use DOS's EDIT.COM - for what else should I

Something that formats your email correctly?

>So I don't have to compile an external package if I don't have the necessity
>to do so.
>Using notepad would require me to call notepad.exe with full pathname - no
>However, 'joe' or 'pico' would indeed be a great thing to have in cygwin by
>default, since it makes things easier.
>just my 0.02 pfennigs (before the euro invasion :p)

I'm wondering exactly why I should care about this.  You're not helpless.
The method for contributing packages has been mentioned countless times
in this mailing list.  It's in the FAQ.

Or you can just compile joe on your own, like people in the UNIX community
have been doing for 20 years or so.

People seem to think that Cygwin is some kind of product that should respond
to end user needs so that we'll gain more market share or something.  That
is not the case.

Every package that gets added to Cygwin is just another headache for all of
the people who read this mailing list.  It is unlikely that any of the people
who are currently maintaining packages want to add another to their load.
I'm maintaining 22 packages right now.  I'm not going to add another package
so that I can be responsible for the "How do I joe my files?" queries here.

So, the bottom line to these kind of queries is (to be blunt) "Put up or
shut up".


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