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Building PERL modules [Was: Re: Any resolution to win32.h problem?]

Jim Hall wrote:
> > Seems to me the solution proposed was the #ifdef mentioned below.  Did you
> > try that?  Its not at all clear to me that win32.h and windows.h from the
> > w32api package are supposed to be the same thing (as your symlink suggestion
> > implies).  I'm definitely left with the impression that these are two
> > completely different files so I don't see that the symlink would be a
> > reasonable solution in that case.

No, the win32.h that perl wants is NOT the same as the windows.h file in
w32api.  Also, perl's win32.h file shouldn't be copied into /usr/include
'cause that really pollutes the namespace (the file *should* be called
something like perl_win32.h, but that would take a lot of patching and
rebuilding of perl...)

> > What FAQ entry suggests that Cygwin includes win32.h?
> I quote the following - but I don't get it:
> Why can't we redistribute Microsoft's Win32 headers?
> Subsection 2.d.f of the `Microsoft Open Tools License agreement' looks
> like it says that one may not "permit further redistribution of the
> Redistributables to their end users". We take this to mean that we can
> give them to you, but you can't give them to anyone else, which is
> something that Cygnus (err... Red Hat) can't agree to. Fortunately, we
> have our own Win32 headers which are pretty complete.
> this may have nothing to do with what my problem is.

Nope. It doesn't.

> So in the original mail:
> >That's "win32.h", not <win32.h>.  There's a file in
> ><perl-src>/win32/win32.h, which is probably copied up to the toplevel
> >during a win32-native configure. (I'm just guessing here)
> I did not download the source for perl is this what is holding me up? If I
> download it, what would be the top level dir? /usr/include/ or <perl-src>?

Well, in my original message, top level == <perl-src>.  However, you
SHOULD be able to build perl add-ons even if you don't have the perl
source.  Perhaps perl needs to include win32.h in its installdir  (e.g.
/usr/lib/perl5/5.6.1/cygwin/CORE/ *)

BUT I don't think so.  I *think* that the perl5-porters, or Eric within
his build for cygwin if perl5-porters do not, should include the
following patch:

------- begin clip ----------
--- perl.h.bak  Fri Apr 27 17:47:34 2001
+++ perl.h      Fri Apr 27 17:50:10 2001
@@ -1742,7 +1742,7 @@
 #  endif /* FAKE_THREADS */
-#ifdef WIN32
+#if defined(WIN32) && !defined(__CYGWIN__)
 #  include "win32.h"
------ end clip --------------

You can also, I *THINK*, apply this patch to the perl.h in
/usr/lib/perl5/5.6.1/cygwin/CORE/ without ill effect.


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