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Building PERL modules [Was: Re: Any resolution to win32.h problem?]

"Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)" wrote:
> I know nothing about building Perl modules but for me, it stands to reason
> that you need a Perl development environment to do so.  This would be the
> Perl source.  I'm sure others on this list that are more Perl savy can
> confirm or deny this but in the interim, you might want to try it out.  It
> will probably save you some time.

No, you should be able to build perl modules using just the perl binary,
assuming you have the same version of gcc installed, in the same
location, as was used to build perl.exe.  Perl ordinarily includes all
of the necessary perl-specific headers and object files within its
/usr/lib/perl5/<VERSION>/* tree Since the versions of gcc usually
installed on cygwin systems are typically "similar enough" and "always"
go in the same locations, there should be no problem building perl
modules.  (famous last words...)

And, FWIW, "win32.h" is a file within the perl source dist and should
only be used for native windows builds of perl, not for cygwin. It is
NOT a part of the "normal" windows API.


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